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Google Ads

Google Advertising, it sounds too good to be true – Being able to target people searching for exactly what you want them to and then only paying a fee when your ad entices the viewer?
But this is exactly how google AdWords works, and it’s probably one of the most effective forms of marketing right now.
With this newfound popularity comes competition – and you wouldn’t want to throw your money at a marketing strategy that won’t have any positive outcome just because it’s too popular.

That’s okay, we’re here to help you with that.
EXP Studios will set-up and manage your google advertising campaigns to ensure your budget isn’t blown in an extremely short time, your website receives the best possible impressions & views, and you get the return you’re looking for with the investment into your marketing budget!

Google Ads Management


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65% Of Search Clicks Are Google Ads. The Other 35% Is Organic.

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Google Ads Has The Highest Click-Through Rate Of All Marketing Platforms

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Google Ads Generates Twice the Visitors That SEO Does


    Google Ads Campaign Types

    Google Search Ads

    Google search ads are text ads that you see on Google search engine results.
    Your search ads can appear either at the top above the organic search results or at the very bottom of the page.

    This type of marketing is great because you put your advertisement right in front of anyone who is interested in your products/services AND you only pay when someone clicks on your ad – this means you’re only paying for people who are interested in what you have to offer and nothing else.

    Display Ads

    Display ads are mostly image-based advertising – this allows you to target a specific audience, most likely someone who is interested in your product/service but aren’t directly searching for it.

    Display ads mostly show on websites that the user broses, however, they can also be shown on g-mail accounts, apps, and videos. These types of ads are usually very useful if you’re looking to expand your brand awareness or reach potential clients who are most likely to purchase your product/service.

    Display Advertisement Imagery

    Video Ads

    Everyone has been exposed to video ads somewhere in their life – mostly seen in YouTube videos or on sites that allow for video ads.
    Because YouTube is owned by google, it can also be used for your google advertising campaigns- and with the wide-range of audience YouTube has, video ads give you a huge platform for marketing.

    Video Ads is best used when trying to get your advertisement in from of an interested audience, while this audience isn’t as targeted as search ads it is still a great way to market your brand while increasing brand awareness as well.

    Shopping Ads

    Google shopping ads is, as the name suggests, product-based advertising. When you search a product on google, depending on the product, there will be a slider that comes up right on top of the search results and at the top of the shopping tab that is where you will find the paid product listings.

    Much like search ads, these ads will always show above the organic links giving you a competitive advantage over any of the other product listings on the page.
    Shopping Ads are great if you want to increase traffic to your e-commerce store and increase sales overall.

    Shopping Ad Campaigns

    App Promotion Ads

    If you’re looking to increase downloads of a mobile app or game Google app ad campaigns is a great tool. It shows your add across most of Googles media, including YouTube, search, the google display network and most importantly Google Play.

    When using app ad campaigns, you wont need to create individual ads for your campaigns like you do with the other types of advertising, instead google uses your app listing to automatically create an ad for you.

    /The Benefits Of Google Ads

    Well Defined Audience Targeting

    Google AdWords has a very well-defined and unique audience targeting system – this ensures that you only reach people who want your product/service.

    Full Control Over Marketing Campaigns

    Google Advertising Campaigns give you more control over your marketing than you’re likely to get with any other type of advertising

    Targeting Your Audiences Intent

    You know how google knows exactly what you want before you think it. This is great from a marketing perspective – you can use that information that google gathers about it’s users to create more successful marketing strategies.

    Full Control Of Your Budget

    Google Ads gives you complete control of your marketing budget, with detailed budget settings and a well-designed feedback interface, it’s impossible to miss a cent that you spend.

    Brand Awareness Gain

    It’s impossible to gather how much time everyone in the world spends on the internet daily. This broad audience is sure to get your brand name out there and spread awareness of your products/services

    Almost Guaranteed Return

    Google ads are almost guaranteed to give you the results you are looking for and return the investment you put into your marketing – because you only pay for people who are interested in what you have to offer.