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/Animated Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words – but a video is worth a thousand pictures!
Communicate your product or service directly to your target market with our unforgettable animated videos.
With creative and professional animated videos you can wrap your audience around your brand and keep them captivated for longer than any TikTok video would.
Posting content like this is what convinces most of your customers to take action! Converting your visitors to buyers and convincing them that your product/service is exactly what they need.

On the other hand, animated videos can be a good form of general content creation, building a storyboard or a part of a book in animation will gain interest to your content and maybe even broaden the audience you communicate to.

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    /Types Of Animated Videos And What They’re Used For

    Animation Videos

    Product Animation Videos

    Marketing your products has never been easier, use animated product videos to easily market products without buying stock, show off your products features, or demonstrate how to use your product with ease.

    Video Ads/ Commercials

    Marketing without marketing, it’s as easy as creating a script and making a video out of it. No need for people management, high end video equipment, special effects and a production team. Creating an animated video ad is cost-effective and easy with EXP Studios.

    Animation Video Ads
    Animated Explainer Videos

    Animated Explainers/ Whiteboard Videos

    Captivate your audience with an animated video rather than text, keep them interested and save them time by turning your service, product or story explainers into animated videos. In a world of TikTok videos and Youtube Shorts, the easiest way to gather attention is through video.

    Character Animation

    Animating characters doesn’t need to be as difficult as you imagine it to be. We will animate characters for storyboard videos, mascot show-offs and even as simple as birthday wishes.

    Subtitle Animation

    Video Subtitles

    Animated video subtitles add a great form of professional videography to your content. It looks a lot less simple than text-based subtitles and gives that little bit extra efforts that will make your videos look way better than your competition

    App & Website Previews

    Want to reveal a new website or project, using an animated app/website preview video is a great way to do this. It can drive traffic to your site while also displaying ongoing upgrades in your brand.

    Animation for children

    Animation For Children

    Animation is quite obviously at the forefront of toddler entertainment and it has been at the forefront for the last few decades. It’s the easiest way to engage a young audience, weather it’s for music, story’s or shows.